2014 Falmouth Road Race: The Leaders of the Pack.

Police sirens and helicopter noises mark the start of the Sunday of the Falmouth Road Race.


The course goes along Surf Drive, which is about a mile from our house.

A five minute walk gets us there.

Some of the first runners to go by are the elite women.


They go by so fast there’s hardly time to take a picture.


Then come more motorcycles, and the camera trucks.




Who do their best to stay ahead of the first runners.




Who have packlets of other runners, close behind.


Serious muscle power passes by.




Packlets turn into packs, then waves of runners start passing by.





Wave after wave.





Seriously strong legs.




Once the most serious of the runners go by, you start to see displays of humor.




Of the thousands and thousands who participate in this race, many run for the sheer joy of the pace. They don’t expect to win, they are not out for glory, they’re out for fun.

We’ll look at some more aspects of this event in the next few posts.

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