2014 Falmouth Road Race: Run Happy!

About ten thousand people ran past me today.

What an impressive sight. Humanity arrayed! There was everyone from the dead serious professional runner, seeking perfection, through folks in their seventies to folks in their seventeens to a few who looked not too far from their sevens. Their faces showed, concentration, fatigue, intensity, and more.

One runner caught my eye, early on, by the outfit she was wearing.


As sometimes happens, I missed details while taking pictures, and noticed them later, when viewing them on a larger screen.

Run happy run happy run happy run happy run!

I wasn’t able to quiz individual runners why they were out there in the race, but from some of the faces that went by, it was plain to see that a good proportion of the people were there for the sheer joy of it

Here are some of the “run happy” Falmouth Road Racers.IMG_1866 IMG_1865 IMG_1864 IMG_1836 IMG_1811





Long may they run.


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