We interrupt this program for a Weather Alert.

It’s a beautiful August Day.

Can we make it to the beach this afternoon?


Others had the same idea….


A cloud touches the sun.


What’s happening?


We look to the northeast.

Yes, something is coming.


We look to the north, over the dunetops, and see more of the clouds.


Storm clouds are building.




Towers of clouds are rising swiftly.



Rising columns of cloud, punching higher and higher.


We leave the beach, decide to go west to Menemsha, to try to get a bite to eat before the rain.

We succeed.

But I failed.


We stopped at home to change, and I left my camera, in its bag, on a table.

And so missed being able to record one of the most dramatic storm passages I’ve ever seen in these parts.

So I have stolen an image from my friend Colin Ruel.

He’s an artist, so he should understand theft.

What a storm!


That’s what the old-timers around here called big, violent, summer thunderstorms.


Menemsha got some fine lightning and thunder, plus fifteen minutes of torrential rain.

It was a heck of a show.


One response to “We interrupt this program for a Weather Alert.

  1. You’ve captured stunning sky action and the energetic excitement of a building storm, in both photograph and word. I enjoyed spending time with this essay.

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