Cuttyhunk is Not a Conurbation

Cuttyhunk is not a conurbation.

It does have a concentration.

A village nestles on the east slope of the hill overlooking the harbor.

As you enter the harbor, this village is what you see.


Here’s a view of the harbor, from land.


Red roof = US Coast Guard

Once you have debarked, you pass along a neck of land to approach the village.


Cuttyhunk, on a hilltop, facing the dawn.

We shall take a tour through some parts of Cuttyhunk town.


The building with the flag? The Electrical Power generation station. And the fire department.

I love a three-story house. But I’m no longer fond of painting trim on a third-story gable, as I was once, as a young man. My adrenal glands can’t handle it any more. My thirty-six foot magnesium ladder has been permanently disassembled, to forestall foolish temptation.


There are cars and trucks here, but they’re outnumbered by golf carts and quads.

The houses tell stories, and present unanswered questions.


The house behind the picket fence tells stories — what was once a small cape has been hugely increased in size. I want to know more about that fence! The near house asks, “Why are just my second story gables red?”

Just along the street and around a corner is the municipal center of town.

First comes the Historical Society.


The Cuttyhunk Historical Society. The bell is in the yard 112 years old.

Why the bell?



When this bell was made, in 1902, fog was a mortal peril. This bell has saved many a vessel and many a life, by warning them of hungry shoals and a rockrimmed little island.

Just uphill of the historical society is the town hall.

Just uphill of the town hall is the library.


Just uphill of the library is the school.

One of my favorite stories from the trip: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is giving the Cuttyhunk School a raft of s**t because they have not instituted an anti-bullying policy, nor have they properly reported their anti-bullying to the State.As explained to me by a Cuttyhunker: “The school’s anti-bullying policy is, HEY! LEAVE YOUR BROTHER ALONE!”


Historical society, library, and school, seen through the stone pillars that frame the entrance path to the church.

Paths are a prominent feature of the island.


So is stone. Stone walls are everywhere. Cuttyhunk has more rocks than trees.


The hydrangea is planted at almost every house. Last winter’s bitter cold did not set these ones back, not a bit.

Take a moment to enjoy the trim boards on the gable end of this house.


There was fog one morning.


Fog obscures. But does fog obfuscate? Obfuscate’s synonyms include becloud, befog, blur, cloud, and fog, so yes.

Fog can bring beauty, and mystery, and can lead us on.


We’ll go down this path, and others, in a future post.





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