Hummer at Dawn

An early retiring can mean an early rising.

Which was the case this morning.

While preparing tea at first light – five o’clock AM, I looked out the window over the kitchen sink. The window looks out to a little semi-enclosed area that’s bordered on two sides by the house and on a third side by a stone retaining wall built by Robin Hyde in 1986. Across this space, there’s a wire that goes diagonally from one house side to another. The  wire’s about eight feet above the ground, and from this wire we hang a birdseed feeder and, in season, a hummingbird feeder.

Almost stone-still on the wire sat a hummingbird.


Every five minutes or so it would fly over to the feeder, have a drink, and return to its perch on the wire.

Shortly after the sun rose around five-thirty, the hummer left.

We’ll see it around the place, here and there, all day long.


One response to “Hummer at Dawn

  1. At our previous residence, we had a clothesline approximately 15 feet from the feeder. The hummingbirds would perch on the clothesline as a sentry to protect their nectar source from other hummingbirds. At our new house, we see the hummingbirds early in the morning (I get up a little later than 5 a.m.) and closer to dusk. My husband wonders if it is because the feeder is located on the south side of the house in a very sunny location. Beautiful picture!

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