Have You Seen Anything Interesting Lately?

Yes, as a matter of fact, I have.

Here are a half dozen of things-interesting-recently-seen.


Stick-on letters fail interestingly. But really, Dodge, car logos shouldn’t fail like this.

Many Islanders know exactly where this is.


Formica surface wear on checkout counter at Cronig’s Vineyard Haven Market.

More formica wear, with the addition of the laser price scanner pattern.


Here’s an excellent boat name.


Menemsha, MA

Now how did that get there?


Mop head, caught on ferry dock pilings, Woods Hole, MA.

Our house is surrounded by trees, but somewhere in the branches there is a gap.

Late afternoon sun rays suddenly came through that gap, through the open front door, and made this shadow.


Old radio cabinet leg shadow, Falmouth, MA.

Just looking up on a whim can show you something pretty.

So don’t forget to look up!

And down, and sideways.

What’s that behind you?



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