WHFO and a Dance

Between seven and seven fifteen on the evening of First Saturday of each month, a car or two will pull up in front of Community Hall in Woods Hole. The vehicles are unloaded, their contents are schlepped up the entry stairs, and a group of musicians begin to set up instruments and equipment on the stage.



Instruments are tuned.


Once setup is done, choice of tunes for the evening might be a topic of discussion.


The 4th of July weekend dance. Topic: When shall piccolo play during “Stars and Stripes Forever”, in the “patriotic set” medley that we play each year at the July dance.


Water is passed out.


A summer dance can make a musician thirsty.

About eight o’clock in the evening, dance attenders cross over the drawbridge in Woods Hole, to Community Hall, built in 1878. Community Hall sits next to the channel that leads to Eel Pond, Woods Hole’s inner harbor. An evening of tradition dance lies ahead. There will be Contra dances, Square dances, and International Folk Dances. A Caller will teach each dance, and prompt participants as needed.


Attenders start to line up for the first dance.

Some dances are circular.


Intermission time is time for a few folk dances.



Intermission time is time for some to sit, to kibitz, to stroll, or to just enjoy Woods Hole.


To learn more about Community Hall and the Woods Hole Association, visit: 


Generations of young people have passed away time on the little roof to the side of the front door.


Of such as this are memories made.

Three hours later, the dance is over.

As folks get ready to leave, we take to the microphone to thank the dancers and the caller.


A good time was had by all.

2 responses to “WHFO and a Dance

  1. Tony Parkes and I came down to work with the Woods Hole Folk Orchestra in the 1970s when Jim and Mary Mavor ran the dances. Lots of good times then!

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