Red Waves in the Ocean

I had to go to the beach yesterday.

Work, you know.

One of my jobs is caretaker/administrator for a local beach association. There were paths to mow, trash to pick up, poison ivy to kill, branches to trim, a dog-poo pick-up-bag dispenser to install, and litter to look for and to pick up. Someone had found a big plastic fish box (unbroken!) and filled it with litter, so that was easy.

There was also a sign to put up, warning of possible large waves and rip currents during the next few days, as our first 2014 hurricane, Arthur, moves up from the South.

There wasn’t yet much sign of Arthur, which was swell.


Not much litter to be seen. Whew.

Though there wasn’t much litter, there were drifts of red algae upon the sand.


Sometimes water currents collect and concentrate seaweed. These concentrations wander along the shore. Depending on wind direction, these seaweedy spots will either yield their accumulation to the shore or just disperse, as time and tide dictate.


You can see the concentration of weed, and the clear water just a little farther out.

A lifting wave shows weedy freight.


The wash of the breaking waves was fully colored red and maroon.


Red waves.


You don’t see red waves every day.


When I set off for the beach earlier, I had no idea what might be seen.


You never know what you’re going to see.



So keep your eyes open….





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