Baby Miaows, continued.

There is more to report on the Baby Miaows.

But first let me give you yesterday’s news.

I was driving out the road, and had a couple of avian encounters…

Momma turkey saw the truck coming, told her babies not to stay near the road, and headed off under some junipers in the neighbor lady’s yard..

Growing up in Woods Hole I r

Then it was goose-herding time.


Seems that it was moving day for a family with a half dozen adolescents, who were traveling down the valley, looking for a nice pond.


Back in the raspberry patch, Row Number One is covered with tulle netting.


And in Row Number Two?

An empty nest.


The parents are fluttering all around, clucking and calling me names.


Baby Miaows, where are you?


There’s one!


Good luck to you, little bird.

Just stay away from the berries, OK?




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