An English Bouquet, Part the Second.


More English flowers.

One of the delights of gracious, green, amply watered England is flowers.

Flowers in gardens.

Flowers in the wild.

Even flowers in the wastelands.


At the edge of Hyde Park in London is this wall o’ magenta. I saw this only from afar, with telephoto, so if you know what this is, testify!


Kensington Park, London. A gorgeous hawthorne in bloom.


Kensington Park hawthorne flowers, close-up.


Star-of-Bethlehem at pathside. Near Tetbury.


Bluebells in the woods, a quintessential British woodland sight. Tetbury environs.


Pink campion at Uley Bury.


Speedwell, or germander. Uley Bury.


Fly in dandelion.


Another ubiquitous wildling. We saw this all over, in city and in country and in town. I can’t remember the name! Red valerian? (Centranthus ruber)



Yellow composit…on train tracks.


It’s wonderful the way plants will take hold in the most difficult conditions.

Maybe today I’ll go out and collect a gallery of “American” flowers?

Check back soon…



7 responses to “An English Bouquet, Part the Second.

  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I have no idea on the purple flowers. The insect on the dandelion is actually a honeybee. I recently read that it is one of the first plants to flower in spring that the bees can use.

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