An English Bouquet: Part One

There’s much to do, now that we’re home from Away.

Thanks to the fading tulips on the kitchen windowsill, flowers have been on my mind.

Also on my mind has been getting to, editing, organizing, and writing about the recent trip Away, to England.

So with this post comes a group of flowers from England.


First peony of the season. Doughton.


White iris. Malmsbury.


The tapestry, the “small” , and the tulip. Doughton.


Fuschia species. Anyone know the variety?  Dyrham Park.


Tulip. Doughton.


Yarnbomb flowers. Bath.


Rosy rhododendrons. Malmsbury.


A flowering nettle family member. On a path between Malmsbury and Doughton.


Englis daisies. Doughton, but could be anywhere.


Wall. Doughton.

There are many more flowers to pick.

But it’s time to pass out the first bouquet.

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