The Last of ‘Em

Two days ago, I picked the last bouquet of tulips of this year.


This morning, petals are falling on to the kitchen windowsill.


One petal has lodged among the stems in the mouth of the vase.


In the blossoms that remain whole, color is wearying, but is still strong.


Thanks, camera, for helping me notice the blue center in the depths of this flower.


And also for reminding me that threes and six organize this blossom.


6 responses to “The Last of ‘Em

  1. Beautiful shots, Tom. I especially like the one of the petals on the windowsill. I think the petals could make some intereting abstract art if photographed with an opaque white background and in a way that you cannot see that they are petals, only the pattern.

  2. These are extraordinary photographs, Tom. I like them very much, and your observation that tulips are organized by threes and six. Ah! Nature is grand.

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