Oddities…Some Things that Caught my Eye.

We actually notice almost nothing at all. That is a good thing. A very good thing. Our consciousness filters out almost everything, and helps us to pay attention to what we’re doing at any particular time. Imagine trying to deal with the full onrush of all the stimuli that come at you? From that overload, what the old-timers called a “nervous breakdown” would soon be your lot. You’d probably quick put a bag over your head and go sit someplace comfortable, just to try to get a momentary grip on sanity. Good luck with that!

One of the things I like about photography is that it gets you into the habit of trying to notice things that you might ordinarily filter out, or just plain not notice.

Allow me to present two-thirds of a dozen things that have caught my eye in the last month or so.


How to protect the top of a utility pole from the weather.


A tree (and a pole) on a bump.


Another bump, another tree.


An old jet. That was hauled over the mountains. And reassembled. And is now a restaurant.


This came from an airport, but will never be hauled over mountains and used at a restaurant. I took the photo because the letters are my initials.


When a table was being varnished, a gecko fell on the wet varnish. And perished. Its imprint “lives on”. Fossily.


Airport windsock. With a bird’s home made in the opening.


A little girl looks out from a limbscar on a San Jose tree.

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