When Something that Is turns out to be Something Else. Abstractions

I like being at a place and point of time when I’m looking at something, and it starts to change from “what” it is into something else.

I had such a moment walking out of the kitchen this morning, to get to the car to go to the ferry.


All of a sudden there’s more than kitchen counter, cabinets, floor. The ordinary takes on rhythm and motion. Colors and shapes interact in new ways. The paired doorknobs start to have a conversation, and ask each other, “Why are there so many “twos” around here?”.

The stove says, “Hey! What about me?”


Gas stove burner #1.


Gas stove burner #2

Other places.

Other rhythms.


Deck hand learning the proper procedure for rolling up fire hose on the ferry.

Airports are a feast of detail.


Aeropuerto Internacional Juan Santamaría



Aeropuerto Internacional Juan Santamaría


Newark Liberty International Airport.

What’s this?


pink flowers reflecting in a swimming pool


What do you think these two colors and their reflections might be?


Esquina — baño, Costa Rica.

This little esquina, this little corner of a bathroom in Costa Rica, is an important landmark in my photographic “journey”.

Once upon a time, this bathroom corner taught me that a camera can take a picture that looks like “nothing”, and that it can still be interesting. This little bathroom corner, on another occasion, taught me that a camera in motion, with a long exposure, can make images that are just as interesting as anything purely representational.

You never know where inspiration will strike.





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