Silhouette Octet: Costa Rica 2014.


The silhouettes in this post are not, as was once sung in the ‘fifties song, “on the shade”, but against the tropical sky.


Cerro de la Muerte oak tree.

Breakfast time silhouette.


Capuchin (white-faced) monkey, feeding in a palm tree, Southern Costa Rica.

For many, the cecropia tree, in silhouette is iconically tropical.

There is tree skeleton next to Pete and MJ’s house.

It’s a perfect place to perch.


One of many Costa Rican creepers.

A tinge of red aureates the head of this sturdy bird.


In the same skeletal tree, a woodpecker.

A golden orb weaver spider can almost always be found.



Cruising the sky, one of a kettle of vultures seeks carrion, to skeletalize.


And to finish this post, we have a picturebook iconic Pacific sunset.



In the far distance is Isla Caño.


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