Flutter by, Butterfly. CR 2014

It’s easy to think of a butterfly as a slow-moving flower flitter, but some butterflies can cover ground very quickly. You haven’t seen fast-moving insect until you’ve startled a skipper, who flies away so fast they are but a blur. Blue morphos move astonishingly quickly, as fast as many birds. The monarch has been clocked at 30 MPH — that’s almost 50 KPH for you folks who use the metric system.

Fortunately for the photographer, butterflies often stop to feed, to rest, to warm up, to hide, and to mate.

Here is a little gallery of Costa Rica butterflies for you.

How amazing that caterpillars—-


Turn into such as these!



Blue morpho at rest.


Butterflies often may be found streamside, or at the edges of drying puddles, licking up salts at places where water has evaporated. The behavior is mostly found with male butterflies. They need the salts for reproductive system puposes.


Here’s a “puddler”. You can see its proboscis, out, and sucking up salts.


The next one is a “cracker” butterfly. What a beautifully patterned pair of wings…



Want to attract butterflies? You can plant flowers for them, of course, but they’ll also come to fruit.

This pair found that an old mango put them “in the mood”.


The malachite.


What a gorgeous creature.



As I find more butterflies in the Costa Rica photos, more will be added to this post.

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