A glimpse of San José Street Art.

One of the pleasures of recurring visits to San Jose is the ever-changing display of street art.

There’s lots of the “usual” tagging, and graffiti.


One of the special things about this stretch of street is that green you see.
It’s a passion flower vine.

Just a can of spray paint, but what a sense of humor!


We are all mushrooms.

There’s also stencil work.


There are traces of “occupy”.



Here’s a nifty little picture, painted onto a limbstub.


And there’s an every-increasing amount of more ambitious work.

That people sometimes pose with.


That they sometimes just walk on by….



There’s some startling imagery.


Nude Mark of the Beast Ginger with Third Eye?

Trying to play cat and mouse with your mind….


A group of original inhabitants in the southern zone of Costa Rica  have an annual festival/observation/dance, to celebrate their survival despite the Spanish invasion of centuries ago. During these events they wear carved balsa wood masks. The modern versions of these masks look like these….


Boruca mask.

And here is Boruca-mask inspired street art.


The street painting is brand-new.

It’s history is centuries old.

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