Two Ways of Looking at the “Snow Moon”.

Last night was the full “Snow Moon”.

For this year’s Snow Moon, we have snow on the ground and blizzard warnings in the air.

This date last year was a pleasant day in our yard, in which was blooming a small purple crocus.


The day before, this crocus had been completely covered with snow.

One way of looking at the moon is with nothing in the way.


The moon.
A little bit more than one and a quarter seconds away from earth, as the photon travels.
Today I learned that the surface of the moon is quite dark, and is described as
“the color of worn asphalt”.

Let branches be in between, and your camera will want to focus on them.


The moon.
Through the branches of the black oak next to the garden.
That clump of fuzziness is “old mans’ beard” lichen.

Isn’t it remarkable the difference that a move of a few feet and change of focus can make?

That goes for people, as well as cameras.


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