Enero Olio

If you are like me, a confirmed cruciverbalist, you know the word “olio”. Because what crossword constructor has not been saved by that word, at least once? What solver has not written “olio” into four squares on a grid?

Many of you know the spanish word for pot — “olla”. Olio comes to us from that word for “pot”, the pot that you throw everything into.


Could this pot be any olioer?
Identify each object in the pot.

The last few days have contributed an olio of images odd and interesting to thetompostpile files.

What is the man in the next photo doing?


Wow. Really?


Using a leaf blower to “shovel” snow.

The next door town had (that’s “had”) some nicely plowed and shoveled sidewalks.


An astonished pedestrian.

And then….


Meanwhile, at the grocery store, convenience is offered for sale.


My friend Ray says this kind of packaging is good for the economy. He says, “… it is great for business. I had to buy tin snips to open the plastic, and a (plastic) barrel to recycle the plastic in.”


My friend Bob noticed that the packages are exactly the same, except for the color applied to the apples.

On the label are the words “six pack”.


Does that mean six apples, or six slices?

How many slices in an apple?

Good job, Motts!

Hey, Apple Slices!

There’s something next to you that’s even more insane than you are.


As the great Mae West once said, “Beulah! Peel me a grape!”

2 responses to “Enero Olio

  1. The presentation of the avocado reminds me that my other half’s sister, east coast born and raised, and an excellent cook had to take a lesson from me (more of my life in Calif than anywhere else, but the one who is usually shooed out of the kitchen until dishes need to be washed) on how to prepare an avocado. Without training, it is indeed a puzzling fruit. I once had to step in when a man from India was attempting to peel one. I had an Alabamian ask for guidance on when the fruit is ripe, and my mother, in Wales (yes, good grief, we found one in her local store) asked me to show her how to cook it.

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