Flower Portraits from Wishetwurra Farm.

From my earliest years I have loved flowers.

If you have been to thetompostpile before, you already know that.

Since it’s January, with winter full upon us, let’s look at some flowers .

We’ll start with a nod to vegetable flowers.


Morning: newly opened squash flowers. Doesn’t that orange just “pop” against that dark background? And they’re good to eat, too. Squash blossom tempura!


On a mid-July misty morning, an echinacea thrusts its sturdy opening buds upwards.


In early June, clematis unfurls on an outside shower’s walls.


A September moonflower bud, still tightly wrapped, tendrilly tips twirling, prepares to untwist.


On a warm late April day, this tulip blossom has opened about as far as it can.
At dawn it was as closed as clasped hands.


Late May. Gaillardia in the rain. Everybody know that Gaillardia was named after the world-famous Monsieur Gaillard de Merentonneau, that 18th century patron of botany?


Synchronicity is poppies and Memorial Day.
Any time anyone complains that this or that color scheme is garish, just show them a flower.


I’ll eat the flower.
Not so sure about the snail.
But what a pretty picture.
Late July.

Thus ends, for now, this group of posts about Wishetwurra Farm.

With thanks for the inspiration to the members of the Martha’s Vineyard Garden Club.



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