The ‘Pile in the City.

The ‘pile went into the City last week, during a trip North to see family.

In the old time westerns, the so-called “oater” movies, the fellow with the gun next to the stagecoach driver was said to ride “shotgun”. When I was a kid, the term referred to riding in the front passenger seat of a car. Do kids still fight with each other to ride “shotgun”, or are they all now strapped into backseat protection contraptions and given electronic devices as pacifiers?

Whatever the answer is, on this trip I got to ride shotgun, and could take pictures.

When you come into Boston from the south, you get to see the Sister Corita artwork on the big gas tank.


Soon afterwards comes the Pine Street Inn’s great tower.

In the distance is another, more modern Boston tower.


At this point in the trip to town, ahead of you is the escarpment of downtown Boston.


Whose streets are urban canyons.


Our trip took us to Cambridge, where from the eighth floor, we had a view of Boston across the Charles River.


In our next image, the golden dome of the state capitol shines downslope over nineteenth century Boston.

Twentieth century Boston looms over all that came before.


Mission accomplished, we descend from our aerie to navigate Cantabrigian canyons.


We say farewell to the webs of the Zakim bridge.


And head for home.

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