Solstice and Christmas Images from the ‘pile.

A paucity of posts does not mean that the camera has not been clicking or that nothing has been happening.

The ‘pile presents an octet of seasonal images, and celebrates the northern hemisphere’s increasing day length.

Those cheery old New Englanders said, “As the days begin to lengthen, the cold begins to strengthen…”

Down at the shore a week or so ago we had some very low tides. One tide exposed a holiday “wreath” of codium.


Codium. When I was a boy, nobody in these parts had ever seen it. Originally from Japan, it showed up in New York sometime in the late 1950’s. By 1964 it had reached Boothbay, Maine. Codium is a classic plant invader. Dead codium bleaches to white, making its common name, “dead man’s fingers”, an apt one.

Out at the end of our road is a tree stump, a remnant of a gnarly old wild cherry that was toppled in a storm a few years ago. When I cut the tree up, I hollowed out the stub with the chainsaw. Since then, various people on the road have planted the hole with flowers in the warm season, and made decorations in the cold seasons.


The Christmas stub, decorated by one of the people who lives on Tiasquam Road. In the background you can see a spot of orange. That’s a pumpkin, left over and left out after the fall and Thanksgiving display.

While at a show the other night, I looked outside, to see a juxtaposition.


Have yourself a merry little surveillance Christmas!

For many, the Holiday times are times for family. In the next photo we are enjoying mini-host of small cousins. At times we have wondered if the proper collective term for a group of wee lads would be a “bedlam of boys”.


The baby in the mother’s arms in the background is not yet able to participate in cousiny fun, but it won’t be too many years before he joins the pack.

In an outside holiday view, 18 month old daughter’s son peers in at the Christmas tree.


We “old” people are glad to have and hold these little “replacement” humans.


Littlest grandbaby looks a bit pensive in the photo above.

In the photo below, he looks downright cherubic.


And down at the bikepath…


Life rolls along.

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