A Ferry Nice Act of Kindness.

As we were leaving snowy Woods Hole on the noon boat yesterday, the ferry had no sooner left the slip than it stopped and returned for a moment, and then left again. Many people on the Nantucket didn’t even notice what happened. I happened to be on the freight deck, and saw this event.

When the ferry touched back on the transfer bridge, the big hydraulic door was briefly raised and lowered, for an act of kindness.

In the first photo, a quick transfer of an item is being made.


In the second, the item has been received, and directions are being given for where it is to go.


What happened?

Somebody had left their credit card in the ticket office. The Steamship Authority folks brought the boat back so they could quickly return the card to a forgetful (and presumably very grateful) customer.

Cost of stopping and returning the boat?

Probably not a lot…a little bit of time, a few gallons of fuel, perhaps.

Value of act?


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