Late Fall. The Earth Colours.

I’ve spent the last few mornings down at Black Point.

We’ve been in a period of cloudy, humid, cool weather, with temperatures in the forties. (Five to eight in Celsius)

The dampness brings out the earth colours.

Russets and siennas, ochres and browns, charcoals to black.

Here is a seven-image set, from near noontime.

One of the characteristics of the landscape in this area is that much of it comes in stripes.


Looking southeast from the area in between Black Point and Little Black Point Ponds.


Dunes, rosa rugosa among beach grass.


Looking NNE. Black Point Pond in the distance.


Black and White version.


Black Point Pond, with duck.


Earth tones of phragmites, beach grass, and rosa rugosa.



Colours of the season.


One response to “Late Fall. The Earth Colours.

  1. Thanks Tom, I really like to see the colors changing with time It would be interesting to see photographs of the same places in Feb (?) before the juices start to creep back up the stems. But you have probably already done that…. Andrea

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