Pacific Meets Atlantic

A woman of the Pacific Ocean coast, from a small town on the California coast, has recently visited us, and Martha’s Vineyard, for the very first time.

Her usual home overlooks a tiny coastal California town.

The expanse of the Pacific Ocean daily fills her eyes.

She had come from the expansive West to the constricted East.

Out West, an expanse can encompass hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of acres.

In these parts, we have landscapes that are entire in just a few acres.

But each coast has its ocean.

We took her to ours.

From Wishetwurra Farm to the Atlantic is a short trip, in miles.

They’re tree-enclosed miles.

Here in the East, an awful lot of our territory is tree-limned.

So it’s a real contrast when you break out of the trees and can see distant views.


The barrier beach dunes are tall enough that you must pass their crest to see the sea.


Even though it is late fall, it’s warm enough to shed your shoes.


And to lie down in the sand near your dear friends.


Hello, O vast Atlantic.


You’re a mighty fine ocean, too.


Hail, O Atlantic.


I leave my footprint in the black and white of your sand.



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