Fuji is Not Just a Sacred Mountain in Japan

Fuji is Not Just a Sacred Mountain in Japan.


Image taken from google “old postcard of mount fuji” search. I am assuming there are no copyright issues, but will remove this image on receipt of proof to the contrary.

The “not-a-sacred-mountain-in-japan Fuji” also leaves her mark on the landscape.

An ephemeral mark.


That’s right, you know it….

The other Fuji is a dog.

A small dog of large personality.

You might meet this other Fuji in the small coastal village of Woods Hole, or perhaps in another, even smaller coastal village in California. You might by serendipitious chance meet her on the road, somewhere in between those two towns.

If you don’t meet her those ways, if you’re lucky, she’ll bring her humans along, and come to you for a visit.

We were lucky.

That happened to us.


Fuji and one of her main humans.

To celebrate the visit, we took Fuji and her humans to one of our favorite places here: Black Point Beach.


Fuji has been to Black Point before, and remembered. On our way, Fuji displayed anticipation when we turned off the paved road onto the dirt road that goes to the beach, and she got really excited when we passed through the gate and got near to the shore.

Black Point is a nice place for a dog to explore.

The dunetops are fine.


Near the waves is nice.


The beach just makes a body want to run in the sand.


Black Point is a nice place for dogs AND for humans.

IMG_9886 IMG_9887

Fuji looks good in gold.


Fuji has left her mark on our hearts.


One response to “Fuji is Not Just a Sacred Mountain in Japan

  1. nice! reminds me so much of my dog, she loves beaches and tries to attack the water which constantly sweeps towards her. She loves and digging up crabs, but gets terrified of them once they’re out. Thanks for posting!

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