Dawn Visitors

We had some visitors this morning.

First we saw a female, then we saw a male, then we saw another female.

They had come by for a graze and a nibble, here and there.

First there was the female.


Then we saw the male.


He was being very observant, and stayed in place, watching.

Our movements, and kitchen noises, including a coffee grinder startup, registered with this young buck, but he did not consider our motion or noise to be enough threat to make him want to flee.


Then we saw female number two.


Ho Tai did not bother to turn around to look.


Then they slipped through the hedgerow and were gone.


3 responses to “Dawn Visitors

  1. More deer around this year than I have seen for a long time and they are eating more things than before! But they are lovely to look at.

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