What is It?

Some friends have already had a time of it, guessing what this is.

Since they had so much fun with it, you ‘pilers get a chance, too.

If you know already, don’t spoil it for the others.



(About a month later, no one has come up with the answer.)

So, here are more photos.

Photos that contain the answer.

Here is a side view…


Here they are flipped over, to expose the next big clue.


And here’s the answer.



My pencil eraser was not sharp enough to get into a small wrong detail in one of my drawings.

The electric pencil sharpener was handy.

When the machine ate the tip of the pencil, this fringy ort was tossed aside.




Thanks for your patience.


6 responses to “What is It?

  1. It’s got to be some part of a plant, right? But the colors are very strange, and the shape is so asymmetrical. Could it be part of a plant that has been changed, like maybe wrapped around a caterpillar as protection?
    Oh and I just realized there’s no way to tell scale – I’m reading these as very small, but they could be weird red palm fronds.
    I give up.

    • The part about it being a part of a plant that has been changed is actually true. The caterpillar part is not. Scale info: each one of these little thingies would fit into a square that’s a half inch on each side.

    • For my drawing work I have a pencil-type eraser. When I poked it into the Panasonic electric sharpener, these are the “shavings that resulted. I’ll add a picture to the post that shows more clearly what happened.

  2. Ah ha! That is a far more interesting shaving than I would have expected. I was expecting an answer akin to “it is the false eyelash of a rubber tree plant doll.”

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