January visits November

Just a few days ago the weather was warm. Wishetwurra Farm had had no frost to speak of. Then the wind began to blow. Changes of weather around here are often preceded by wind. Wind that comes from the southwest, first gentle, and then with increasing strength. Swells build in Vineyard Sound, which faces southwest. The swells make for bumpy ferry rides between Woods Hole and the Vineyard. Bumpy enough to make the ferry captains change their course across the Sound, to try to minimize rolling and crashing.

After the southwest wind reaches its peak, it can move around to the west, then to the north or northwest, when a cold front is coming in. That’s what just happened around here. We went from November to January in about twenty-four hours.

Here’s the Nonamessett House a few days ago, under a blue sky.



And here it is yesterday morning.





When we got up at six o’clock yesterday morning the thermometer read fifty-two degrees.

At eight o’clock, while boarding the ferry, it was forty-three degrees.


One of the freight boats was coming back to Woods Hole. Woods Hole Passage is in the foreground, then Nonamessett, then Buzzard’s Bay. The land in the distance is the continental USA.

Vineyard Sound looked gray and chilly.


At ten o’clock, snow began.

The yard got white.




The roses at the neighbor’s house got covered.


By late afternoon it was freezing.

The road to Wishetwurra Farm got real pretty.



A few houses down the road, a Ho Tai is in a tree.


This morning at six o’clock it was twenty-nine degrees.

What a difference a day makes.

The forecast for Friday is clear, and fifty-eight degrees.





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