Olio and Water Mix: Fall Colors.

Just a few photos, in an olio, on a damp Friday morning.

Remembering the wonderful sunset of a few days ago.


Storing a sunset.

We’ve had some beautiful blues skies this fall.


Every fall I ask myself at least once: “Are skies bluer in the fall?”
Here’s one set of answers…

Water reflects what’s above, so on a beautiful blue-sky day water is a better blue.


The ferry to Naushon, moving through Woods Hole.

Just a little to the south of Woods Hole, on Nonnamessett, my favorite house is nestled in fall color.


Cool, crisp, and clear.

Not nestling is a cedar waxwing, eating berries.


Not a nestling, but it is a molting immature individual.
The adults can be kind of flashy.

So much color, this time of year.


Blazing burning bush, in between fall-purpled hydrangea and purple-sweatered person.

Store up that color, the winter drabs are coming.

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