In Which We Interrupt the Flatlanders for a Sunset.

In the last post, you were promised some kitchen mysteries.

Well, the kitchen mysteries have been put on hold by a sunset.

We had to travel across Vineyard Sound yesterday.

Our reservation was on the five PM ferry.

The timing turned out to be perfect.

We were being typical Islanders, not even bothering to get out of the truck, just sitting and relaxing, when I looked up and suddenly sat upright. I quickly opened the door, got out, flipped the seat back, and got the camera out of my pack.

Here is some of what I saw.


Why I got out of the truck.


Why I got out of the truck, Part II.

Others were noticing, too.


The sunset was a magnet, and many passengers were iron filings, yielding to the field.


I went up a couple of flights of stairs.

Emerging on at the second level, a Rothkoesque impression burst into view.


Outside, more iron filings were lining the rail.


The sun was descending below a cloud deck, coloring all.


A recreational fishing boat passed us, heading for Woods Hole.


A seagull passed, too.


And so did a line of cormorants.


Looking West.


The freight deck lost its harshness, and became beautiful.


Woods Hole Ferry Terminal, sunset.


This post has an alternate title.

“What Can You See in Thirty-Three Minutes and Five Seconds?”


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