Notes on a Closing Door, plus an Olio Orphanage.

Friday Morning, late October..

It’s a cool morning, with half a moon lingering in an ever-later-sunrise sky.


Gibbous October Harvest Moon.

The change of season has definitively arrived.

How is this known?

How is this made known?

Our house is not level. Which means that many of the doors, if unlatched, will swing closed. (Or open).

In the summertime, the 19th century door to our bedroom expands, and the door hits the jamb. Hits it just enough so that if you want to quietly keep the door closed, you just pull it into the jamb to the point where friction of door meeting wood engages, and sticks.

Now that the weather is cooler, the air is dryer. By this time of year we’ve had a fire or two in the woodstove. The stovewarmth dries the house. The loss of moisture means the door has shrunk. Now, in order to keep it closed, you have to pull it all the way shut, to make the tongue of the latch can spring into the hole in the striker plate.

Which happens with a — CLICK!

When that morning sound arrives, it’s official.

Fall is really here.

Snakes are lingering in leaves, basking in sunny spots. Soon this snake will find itself a hibernaculum, maybe with others of its kind.


The garter snake, Thamnophis sirtalis.
Tragedy is going into someones wellpit and finding little garter snakes that got in and couldn’t get out.

Our pictures today are an olio.

They’re “oliated” from this last week’s images.

Does that make this post an “oliorphanage”?

We’ll start with grandsons at the beach.


One grandson going, another, stalk of sedge in hand, turning to digress…
Digression seems to run in the family.

On the beach.

Jingle shell found.

Jingle shell brought to PoppaTom.

Three hands, three people’s hands, two young hands and one older one, frame the jingle shell.


From top to bottom, the hands are age four, age sixty-five, and age one-and-a-half.

Around and around it goes.

Round and round is exemplified in the markings on the yang-yin bean.


Portrait of two yang-yin beans.

More yang-yin beanery…


Stay tuned.
One of these days I’ll post a yang-yin bean picture portfolio.
I want to draw a yang-yin bean, ten times actual size.

I’ve always been fond of yang and yin.

And fond of Lao-tzu, too.

Lao-tzu said that a pot is nothing, without the “nothing” inside it.

Yang and yin.

I’ve been playing with yang and yin and sassafrass.


Sassafrass is nice.


One response to “Notes on a Closing Door, plus an Olio Orphanage.

  1. Tom – love your pictures and words! I also have a house where certain doors have to be closed just so or they won’t – the right garage door (the truck’s door) and the back door (the people door). I like that you appreciate your old house’s character.

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