Many K’s: Leaving Woods Hole and Passing Nonamessett.

Is it easier to notice what you’ve never seen before or to notice what you’ve seen so many times already that it’s in-the-bones familiar?

Leaving on the ferry from Woods Hole is really familiar. Over sixty years of ferry trips are in my bones. Thousands of trips, between three and six thousand, by rough estimate.

The man in the photo below has probably thrown that red plastic monkey’s-fist thousands of times.


The hydraulic lines to the door are veterans of thousands of actuations.


This particular ferry has to turn each time it leaves or enters the slip. Departing, it leaves a wake like none of the other ferries do.


Mid-October has brought color to the landscape.


It has also brought the seals back to their winter home of the Woods Hole passage. See them, on the rocks?

The beetlebung tree grove has a few leaves left, but not many.


Most of you know “beetlebung” as “tupelo”. We call it a beetlebung because that’s what the wood is good for. Its tight and interlocked grain is extremely hard to split. So you can make beetles (big wooden mallets) and bungs (for barrels) from it.

A pitch pine has died and now stands as hilltop sentinel.


Rich russets, burgundies, and maroons are the colors of this time of year.


And the Nonamessett house…


The Nonamesset house stands behind a sea of successional, seasonal hues.

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