Blue — With a Question for You.

Just one picture for this post.

It was originally a reject picture, a picture on the cutting-room floor, an orphan.

It was headed for the digital wastebasket, but there was something about it that make me look at again, made me look at it with sympathy, like those facebook photos your friends post, the ones of dogs and cats that need adoption.

The photo did have a bit of what the French call “je ne sais quoi”. Literally translated, that phrase means “I don’t know what”, and by extension, means an intangible “certain something”.

So I put the photo up on facebook.

Ten seconds later, a friend (literal and figurative) commented: “love love that pic !!!”, and within a short time there were other positive comments, including ones from photographers and artists whose work I respect.

What was it about the picture that made them respond so?

I’ve got a few ideas, but for the sake of discussion will leave them out for now.

Here’s the image.



Any thoughts?

Thank you.



5 responses to “Blue — With a Question for You.

  1. There is a luminosity in the “fluff” that is accented by the sharp blue at to and chartreuse at the bottom, creating a pleasing diagonal top to bottom. Design is all about diagonals! Lovely.

  2. Silver threads, amber eyes — and that dark eye peering at me from the dark green at bottom center. Bright and mysterious at the same time. Je ne sais quoi either but I keep looking.

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