One Fish, Two Fish, Menemfish.

Other Universes abound, both far and undernose.

In Menemsha, Universes are multiple.

Here is a very brief look at one…

The underwater Universe.

As seen dockside.

From above.


Welcome to the Universe.


Meet some of the inhabitants of this world.


The fish are in their own element. We cannot visit their Universe without air.


Repetition, variety and contrast exist here, as also in our world.


Contact with the “Other Place”.
Will make ripples at the Interface.


They swam about at placid speed,
Needing nothing but to feed.


Reflections from Above,
Glimpses of Life in the Sea.
Seaweed is as

My grandmother had a blessing, a grace, that she would sometimes say at mealtime.

Oh hidden Life,

Vibrant in every Atom.

Oh hidden Light,

Shining in every creature.

Oh hidden Love,

Embracing All in Oneness.

May Each who feels themself as One with Thee,

Know they are also One with every Other. 

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