Martha’s Vineyard: Oak Bluffs Late Summer Details.

For purposes of maintaining sanity and composure, during high summer we tend to avoid the big down-island towns and places where tourists tend to concentrate.

Now that it’s mid-September, many of the summer visitors have departed. We decided it was time to take a tour of Oak Bluffs.

We drove there from our home in the morainal hills, over the flat outwash plains. This is the “back way”, which we took in order to see what progress there had been on the new, 1.4 million dollar roundabout project, which is replaced a four-way stop interesection.

Cost comparision: stop signs cost between fifty and a hundred-plus dollars each. Posts cost twenty to fifty dollar apiece. Four stop signs and four posts come to under a thousand dollars. Installation costs were probably double or triple that, since it was the town or the state doing the work. Yet untallied is how much gas will be saved by most cars being able to pass through the intersection at speed, rather than stopping and starting, which is more fuel-intensive, and which adds to air pollution. Over time, the expense might pay for itself. Let’s hope.

Although the roundabout still lacks its final application of paving, landscaping work is underway. Hundreds of pots of various flora are massed in the “islands” in the center. It won’t be long before this “controversial roundabout” settles in, and people become inured to yet another change orchestrated by the highway engineers.

When we got to town we nosed the car into an available space along the edge of Ocean Park.

Across the park, the ferry sat.


I love when you can see through the boat like this.

At park’s edge, a couple of spheres jockeyed for attention.


We went into town, to Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs’ “Main Street”, to start our stroll.


Here is a suitcase easy to spot in the airport luggage carousel.
Or anywhere else.

A little puppy across the street looked small.


Very small.


Above a restaurant roof was a glimpse of September sky.


In between Circuit Avenue and Kennebec Ave, over by the public “comfort station”, is a not-so-scenic area. But an area which still has some interest.


What do you call this?
Commercial geometric utilitarianism?

Rhythms of shapes dominate


Down by the docks, mopeds await renters.


Dockside, a tow toy waits.


And in the jacketed luggage cart for the catamaran ferry to Falmouth?


We see a certain suitcase.

One response to “Martha’s Vineyard: Oak Bluffs Late Summer Details.

  1. I particularly like the abstract qualities of the final four shots. (3 of the four, esp.) Nice compositions, color, interesting forms, light.

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