Becaws it’s Breakfast Time in Vineyard Haven by the Sea

When you’re waiting for a ferry to come in, the camera is a nice excuse to go noticing things.

Even in downtown Vineyard Haven, there are things to see. Old brick walls next to privet hedges. Purple lawn chairs near a Victorian porch. Locust pods shining yellow against blueblue sky, in a tree next to the parking lot. Under the tree, flowers—knotweed, clematis, and last roses of summer. Behind the bus stop, an abandoned bicycle, it’s rear wheel run over by a car. Tire still good. Replace the wheel and you’ve got a bike. How did it get there?

The beach still carries traces of last fall’s storms. Pieces of dock, hidden in the beach grass, surprise you underfoot, while you’re noticing that there is a modest crop of ripe beach plums on the bushes at the dune line. Pick a handful for the now. Such beautiful color. Must come back later, to pick the rest of them.

Out on the beach, next to the water, strolls a crow.


Where’s it going? What’s it doing?


It’s found something.


Work at that thing, with your strong crow beak.




It’s a spider crab.

It’s seafood breakfast time, on the shore, in Vineyard Haven by the Sea.

Then come up higher on the beach, to see what that guy just threw over there….


Hey,  beach plums!

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