Self-portraits with Minnows, or, Crab Creek Reflections

Minnows were not the only thing happening at the Crab Creek Bridge.

My shadow was happening, too.

From time to time I indulge in shadow self-portraits.

The Crab Creek minnows made for an interesting backdrop.


So a series of shadow snapshots seemed necessary.


In some ways, the minnows seem as thoughts, projected on a screen.


Our thoughts sometimes stream in harmonious order.

Are the expanding rings of light flashes of insight?


Some topics are best avoided.


We’ve all had days when we feel beset, when the mind is assaulted by thoughtlets from every angle.


You could go angling with some of these “thoughts”.

Claude Monet spent thirty years of his life working in Giverny on his Nymphéas series. He left us an incredible legacy of over two hundred and fifty works, which English-speakers know as the “Water Lily” series. I hope that many of you readers have had the chance to stand in front of some of these wonderful paintings.

I recommend a side-trip to see these.

But y’all come back, y’heah?

One of the subtopics of the Nmphéas paintings is reflection(s).

Our last photo indulges in reflection, also.

Reflection and shadow.


Reflection and shadow.

Shadow and reflection.

The older you get, the more shadow and reflection occupy your thoughts.

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