Gooses, or Anserine the Call of Duty.

I went to a party, a farm’s Labor Day party. The party was excellent, full of feeding and drinking and strolling and throwing horseshoes and discussing the improved speed and efficiency which experience brings to manual work.

During the stroll I admired a very long piece of thick black vinyl pipe, an amazingly crafted cut stone bridge, and a large pen that enclosed brush, where the rooting power of pigsnouts was in full display. As I came back up the hill from the valley behind the farm, the geese greeted me.

I met, greeted, and for forty-two seconds, photographed the geese.


The “gaggle” is the correct veneric word for a group of geese.
Venery is the correct naming of groups of animals.
A “mob” of crows.
An “exultation” of larks.







They put on a good show.


There seems to be a lot of neckspeak in goosetalk.


Gooses (OK, “geese”) are creatures of great character.


When a walked away, they’d move toward me.

When I would turn and face them, they become abashed, and look for things in the grass.


Goose thinks: “Gotcha!”


But I turn around and goose suddenly changes to:

“Oh, gosh, I was just looking for a pillbug…….”


Anyone seen a pillbug?

This goosing gaggle brought to mind a veneric question.

Not of the “other” sort of venery, which you can look up yourself, if you want to.

But the question—–

Would a group of fans of a certain “Lady” pop star be a “Gagagle” of groupies?


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