Farewell to The Grim Reaper: Dispatch Number Eleven from the 2013 Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair.

Good things end.

The Fair is over, for another year.

What comes to the Fair must leave the Fair.

In the early morning sunshine of the Monday morning after the Fair, Simon Hickman and friends arrived at the Small Hall of the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society building in West Tisbury, to dismember the Grim Reaper and to take Him home to the studio from whence he came.

Rolled out from his fairtime place of honor in front of the MVAS Small Hall hearth, the Grim Reaper awaits his fate.


Simon tells me that in french, our (masculine) Grim Reaper is “la grande faucheuse”. For you francophones out there, read all about it: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Mort_(mythologie)
You non-francophones, please line up over here:


Back access “panel” removed, you can see plainly some of the GR’s internal structure.


Looking up, we see his cervical vertebrae, his copper maker’s plate, and the light bulb which illuminates him internally.


Dr. Hickman removes the cervical vertebrae.


The surgeons prepare for a right brachiectomy.


Dr. Popoff N. Grabbit holds the removed member.


A back brace is applied, to firmly connect statue and base, for safe transport.


Bolts pass through holes, and nuts are tightened. angle plates connect frame to base.


The Exit begins.


Easing back…..


Almost far enough down to clear the door frame…


Move the bracing stool, and start the last leg, to the pickup truck…


At a balance point….


And GR is in. Once he’s strapped in, it will be time to go.


On the way out….


Thumb’s up for the ride home!

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