Fruit is the Answer: Dispatch Number Six from the 2013 Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair

The Fair contains a rich lode of photographic ore.

The tompostpile spent some time mining amongst the fruit, and has a small harvest of close-ups to share with you.

wrap your eyes around this one, OK?


Echoes from the Garden of Eatin’.
Spiral green hot pepper on gourdneck.

Consider where stem and fruit have parted.


Abscission zone of giant yellow tomato. Ghost Island Farm.

Opposite the stem end is the blossom end.


Why shouldn’t the blossom end look like a naval?
It is, after all, the dropping-off point of the blossom that gave birth to this tomato.

We move to melons.


Patterns on canteloupe rind.

Some melon species have a netting pattern on their outer surface.

The high-dollar word for this net pattern is “reticulation”.

(There is a kind of ladies’ purse, usually small, and with a drawstring, called a “reticule”. )


Stem end of small melon.

Even now, in August, a shovelful of Vineyard dirt is damp, not dusty and dehydrated.  The 2013 growing season has been a relatively well-watered one. Local fruit and vegetables are plump and juicy this year.


Stem end area of Ghost Island Farm tomato, shining like a headlight.

William Blake’s  “Auguries of Innocence” begins:

"To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour...."

Take a look at this last photo.

Where are we?


We are over a pint basket of blue-ribbon berries.

We look down at cluster galaxies of blackberries.

The druplets that compose the clusters are novas of flavor.

On the surface of these drupelets you can see dustmotes.

Dustmotes, launched by the feet of passing fairgoers.

And hat are dustmotes?

What are we?



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