From the Aviary to the Bestiary: Dispatch Number Five from the 2013 Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair

We return to the 2013 Martha’s Vineyard Livestock Show and Fair, which is held each year in West Tisbury, Massachusetts, the “Athens of Martha’s Vineyard”.

In our last post we spent time in the “Aviary” of the Childrens’ Art Department. Amongst the Birds are also Beasts. Here we shall encounter a small Bestiary, courtesy of the minds and eyes and hands of some talented youngsters.

We begin with a pen full of porcines.


And then we consider the cephalapodae.


Richard Starkey said it well: “I want to be, under the sea……”

While hunting through the forest of artwork, who but “Blue” should appear?


Who needs a rainbow? White paper, pencil of blue, and a dot of black are here distilled to yield essence. From the alembic of this young artist’s mind comes a magical liquor, a liquor to fill a crystal vial that contains “Attar of Animal.”


Here is who you don’t want to meet out in the plains of the Serengeti. A hungry “Felis ferox”.


Pablo Picasso, eat your heart out!

Study the horse below.

Nifty use of yarn.

But there’s something else nifty about this work.


This horse is a foot.

For last, ladies and gentlemen!

We have an epic, nay, a Rabelasian mob!


Of monsters.

A mighty marvelous mob of monsters.

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