Woods Hole Details

Woods Hole has more interesting details per unit of area than just about any place you might imagine.

Come with me, and take a look at some of these details.

Along a shore road, there’s a rustic gate.


The gates of Woods Hole would be a fine photo-essay. One of these days I’ll put one together….

Consider this foundation. It supports a friend’s house.


Notice how the corner was once held up by a pier/post only, and that the space to the right of it was filled in at a later date? You can tell by the vertical seam in the rocks. The fit and blend are so similar I’m going to guess that the work was done by the same person, and that their stones came from the same location.

In the next photograph are rocks.

Not just rocks.

Dock rocks.

Cut stone.

To cut stone the old-fashioned way, among your tools will be “star drills” and “feathers”.

It’s work, to cut stone.

It’s even more work to place blocks of this size where you want them to go.


Macchu Picchu it ain’t, but it’s still impressive.

Just off this stone wall is “where the buoys are…”


Go with the flow, out Eel Pond, under the bridge, and in the mirror you can see:


reflections of reflections.

The final detail for this post is a pair of shoes.

They’re not just any shoes.


There’s a new statue on the Woods Hole waterfront, honoring one of the greatest and most influential women of the last century of the most recent millenium.

Whose shoes?

These are the shoes of Rachel Carson.

2 responses to “Woods Hole Details

  1. Thank you for these lovely details, Tom. Good stone work always amazes me, and immediately recognized the details of Rachel Carson’s shoes. I often marvel at the gate which brings me great peace and happiness each time I pass it by. I wonder if you know that it was designed and constructed by Hilde Maingay and Earle Barnhart, two magical landscapers. Thanks again. xxoo ~ Christina

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