Fine Ferry Feet

Sometimes summer on Martha’s Vineyard is an overwhelming time. Too much of everything. Too much of everything means not everything gets done, too. That’s my excuse for no tompostpile posts lately. Too much of everything.

My camera still goes with me, almost everywhere.

Recently, “everywhere” was waiting to get on the ferry.

I sat. When I sat down, the boat was still sending its waves to the tip of the big stone breakwater, as she was coming into the harbor.

I watched.

I waited.

The name of the ferry was the “Island Home”. Island Home is kind of hokey for a boat name, but it’s an old boat name, and was once carried proudly by an actual 19th century steamship ferry, that plied the waters between the Island and the Main. The first Island Home was built in 1855.  At the end of her life as a ferry, she had been converted to a work barge. In her final winter, the winter of 1902, she hit an ice floe.

And sank.

New Englanders are a thrifty lot, and hate to waste anything. Reuse and recycle, that’s the New England Way. So, when our newest, thirty-five million dollar ferry was built, the old Island Home “handle” was dusted off and reapplied to the steel hull of our new 1400 passenger twin screw 3,000 horsepower diesel behemoth.

Here’s the new Island Home, afloat and at the dock.


Ever drink water, or flush a toilet on a boat? Ever wonder how they get the water to clean the dishes at the galley, or mop the floors? There are some big fresh water storage tanks on the ferry.

Here’s how they refill them….with “hose”.


Sometimes, if the connection isn’t tight, water drips from the hose fitting. I’ve watched birds come to drink these drips. Clever, those sparrows.

While you wait to get on a ferry, you might as well look around.

So many wheels.


And feet, too.


Feet among the wheels, or wheels among de feet?

The passenger ramp has been connected. People stream off the boat. A flash of green catches my eye. A green more than green. A green that’s a fluorescent yellow green. A chartreuse green. With yellow, and black, and white!

Every ten years or so, the fashion people push these intense colors. Enough people buy them, so it must be worth doing.


The debarkation of the fluorescent sneakers.

More sneakers came off the ferry.

Some fluorescent, some not.


Flipflop sandals came off the ferry. I love how when two people walk together their steps will sometimes synchronize. I don’t know if this pair were friends, or if they were sisters.


The legs are so much alike that sisters is a good suspicion.

These were neat feet.


A peek of some neat feet.

Here, a pair of feet meet and greet.


Those toenails!


These toenails win the “Best Toenails on the Ferry” award.

Some feet are frivolous.


Other feet are sandaled in a sturdier manner.

No one was barefoot.

Except for a dog.


We pause for paws, and for utilitarian footwear. Mostly utilitarian…somehow those red-white-and-blue flipflops snuck into the picture.

In this post, we’ve had fun with feet.

A few days after these pictures were taken, I had an inspiration. An inspiration for a marvellous machine, a machine that will brown bread on two sides by the application of radiant heat, which will be supplied by electric wires inside the machine. Other parts of the apparatus will contain and control the bread slices as they enter the machine, and in the luxury models there will be a combination of timers and sensors, to allow the user to achiever various levels of doneness, from barely golden to “crispy critter”.

May I present to you the invention………….


I shall make untold millions from my invention, and shall retire to a life of unparalleled ease, in a small town on a small island in the middle of the sea!

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