Insomnipix. Fifteensecondses. Album One.

Not exactly insomnia, it wasn’t.

But the eyes came open in the predawn hours, and would not. shut again.

Might as well use the facilities and get something to drink out in the kitchen.

Pass the desk area.


Great-grandfather’s old chair is lit up from low down by a night light.


Feel around on the counter. What’s this? The camera? Yes…well, why not take a few pictures?

I know the camera well enough that I can use a lot of its functions with my eyes closed. Or in the dark. So I set the exposure time to fifteen seconds, and start to roam.

What time is it? Let’s ask the stove.


Not too much time before the East begins to brighten….

A good time to move the camera during exposures.


What is this?
It’s the red “on” light from the telephone and the blinking light on the caller ID unit.

The camera moves during its fifteensecondses.

Here’s another study of the telephone lights.


We visit the ComCast wireless device in the living room, next to the teevee.


I can’t bear to write “TV” anymore. “Teevee” is such a better descriptor of the trivial wasteland that television presents us.

Some of the exposures remind me of Mark Rothko’s abstract paintings.


Although I don’t think he’d have put that lower squiggle in there.

What is this last image?


It’s the inside of Mark Rothko’s brain, as he contemplates his next work.

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