Greetings from the Crooked-Necked One!

I have flown across North America.

And have now flown back to where I came from.

My neck is crooked from looking down at the earth, looking through a too-small window from a too-small seat in a great big jet plane. But I’m not complaining. All that neck-craning, all that peering-down, was worth it.

I love looking down at the earth from above. I pity the jaded commercial travelers who can no longer appreciate the utter miracle beneath them. I regret that I know so little geography, for then I’d understand more of what’s to see, when looking below.

In the course of thousands of miles overflown, there were some things seen that were noteworthy. There were things odd, or beautiful, or interesting, or just plain mysterious.

As in, “What the heck is THAT????”

We’ll start with what looks like a Greek “Delta”.


A bit of study reveals that yes, this is a little airport.

Some geometries aren’t mysterious at all.


Close-packed housing development, in Texas.

These squares are a LOT bigger.


Human activity sure can leave a mark on the earth.

If we’re not cutting things down, we’re digging stuff up.


Sand pit mine.

I think I know what the next image is of. Do you?


But for the next two?


No idea.


You could make some pretty good stories about the image below.


And no, I don’t know for sure what this is. I’ve a good guess ready.

Near Mono Lake, California, are these interesting patterns.


What the heck is this?


The Red River Valley of Texas is where this final mystery is located.


The last image is not a mystery. It’s just plain nice. Look below you, sometime when you’re leaving the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, and look for the message on the roof.


A tip of the sombrero to the person who did this.

If you can’t make out the letters in the photo, here’s what it says.

No more need be said.

¡Vaya Con Dios!


4 responses to “Greetings from the Crooked-Necked One!

  1. The circular photo with the tall structure in the middle looks like it might be a form of large-scale solar power generator. A solar concentrator rather than the photovoltaic panel type that you usually see

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