High Abstractions from the Heartland.

From altitudes that sometimes approach seven miles, jets hurtle across our country.

To be privileged to fly in one of these machines gives one of the greatest shows you can ever possibly have: that of watching entire states pass beneath you in a matter of minutes, and of entire continents in a matter of hours.

When I go on a trip, I covet the window seats, and if at a window, will spend most of a trip with my head turned, looking down, marveling at the wonder of a planet below.

I don’t just love the grand-scale view, I also love the “smaller” patterns, whose extent measure not in miles, but sometimes in fractions of miles, or even in yards.


Some patterns decipher easily, like the superhighway and access roads of this post’s first picture.

Others are not so easy…I have some ideas about what’s going on in the next photo, but I don’t know for sure.


In the “heartland”, agriculture makes marks.


Harvesting makes tracks.


The contours of the land determine the shapes of fields.

Sometimes those shapes are interesting.


We’ll have more of these photos from “on high”.

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