California is a Garden of Eden Sextet.

As Woody Guthrie sings, “California is a Garden of Eden.”

Castroville’s Garden of Edenishness is artichokes.


Hundreds of acres of artichokes grow on flat flields inland of Pacific dunes.

It was surprising to see a colony of ground squirrels in rocks at the shore.


Fat as a furry artichoke, squirrel surveys its territory.

Great globular, medusan hemispheres line the coast in Pacific Grove.

See human for scale.

I could hardly believe what they were.


Aloe! The teensy things we grow on our windowsills Back East. Here, they’re huge.

We move inland, further north, to Wine Country.


Do you see the pruner of the Malbec?

Wine Country also has flowers, and peaches, for the picking.


Peaches so ripe and juicy that you get dribbled on as you pick.

And in the streets of a Wine Country town?


A different variety of peach.

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