The Gaffney Peachoid It’s Not.

If you’re going “Away” for more than a day, and want to drive to the ferry, one place you can leave your car is at the Tisbury “Park and Ride” lot, on the outskirts of Vineyard Haven. You need to arrive there in time to catch a bus to the ferry terminal. Which means that sometimes you drive in at the moment the bus is driving out. Then you have to wait for the bus to go into town and to return, before you can get the boat. The wait can be a good exercise in finding a photograph in what could otherwise be very boring circumstances.

You can see a lot of things in ten or fifteen minutes, if you use your eyes and pay attention.

There’s often something new in the natural world that’s appeared since your last wait here. This day it was a furry exuberance of pussyfoot clover. I’ve been fond of pussyfoot clover ever since I first met it, back when I was a boy. The plant has such a soft-feeling flower. Softer than peach-fuzz.

Near to the clover was a truck with chromey, holey rims. The reflections on the chrome and the view through the holes were nifty. This image should go as a post on my “What Is It?” picture blog.

Well, it would go there if I had such a blog.


Then I looked over, and up.

What’s that????


It’s the Town of Tisbury’s new water tower, under construction. Peachy-keen!


What a crazy-looking rig. It looks like an Orson Welles alien invasion machine. Maybe the aliens are shaped like peaches.


Interesting project, this…..those individual panels are kind of interesting.


Once the structure’s done, the panels could get painted different colors. Peach color?
Unfortunately, the tower is the wrong shape for a “peachoid”.

Hmmmm…there’s an opening in the side. Let’s go take a look.


Wow. Would you look at those shadows!


Looking up, there’s a tracery of formwork, netting, machinery, staging, and tools.


What’s in the bucket?


Not peaches, we can be sure.

The next image looks up to the afternoon sky.

What a great contraption!


Fortunately, the giant steel spider was not at home.
It was probably eating peaches somewhere.

Since the image of the Great Gaffney Peachoid might steal the show, it’s not included in this post.

Sorry about that.

Have a peachy day!

2 responses to “The Gaffney Peachoid It’s Not.

  1. Now what would you know about the Gaffney Peachoid? One has to pass it hundreds of times, like we have, to truly appreciate its peachy awesomeness.

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