Nancy asked, “What are you, a Moosogynist?”.

Why did she ask that question? Because of a “poem” and a picture.

Here’s the “poem”


I never saw a Purple Moose.

I Never hope to see One.

But if I see a Purple Moose,

I’d Rather See than Be One.


You can see the picture at the end of the post….


There are no moose on Martha’s Vineyard.

Which may be a good thing. Moose are probably too big for our little island.

There were plenty of moose in Maine.

First it was footprints that we saw.

Big, water filled footprints, footprints big enough and filled deep enough to drown a small rodent in.

Then we had a couple of  “actual” moose encounters.

When we saw Ms. Moose on a side road, we pulled in to admire and to photograph her.


She was not sure what to think of us.


What an incredible nose.

But soon went back to the business of eating.


Since a full grown moose needs about ten thousand calories a day, eating is definitely one of the most important things a moose does.

Moose lips are prehensile.


Since catching fish, not taking picture of moose, was our main goal, we continued down the road.

Not too long afterwards, we saw Mr. Moose, his new antlers still in velvet.


A moose in spring is a shedding, motheaten creature.

A moose in motion is an awesome thing.

A moose in motion is not something to stand in front of.


After the pictures were taken, the moose shambled and we rambled.

We had other fish to fry.


Oh yes….here’s the Purple Moose.


5 responses to “Nancy asked, “What are you, a Moosogynist?”.

  1. Great pics. Not having any moose anywhere near my part of the world, I think it’d be quite special to get that up close to one.
    Funnily, this post isn’t what I expecting though. I subscribe to a blog called the anti-bogan, which is all about issues of racism, sexism and misogyny, so I immediately thought it was from them. What a difference a slight change in spelling makes!

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